WicWac Inc. - Privacy Policy

Effective 2021/09/01. This Privacy Policy may be modified to be kept up to date

At WicWac Inc., our website does not collect personal information and we only collect business contact information from our clients. Our clients using our solutions may input personal information on our systems, which we keep secure. 

All personal information at WicWac Inc.is collected with consent when individuals seek our services or through contracts when clients use our solutions as their information infrastructure. 

We do not sell any personal information.

1. How we protect personal information at WicWac Inc.

  1. We do not collect any personal information from website visits. We do need it so we do not collect it.

  2. We collect personal information clients provide us when they contact us, including first and last name as well as the email address and phone number for us to respond to inquiries. With consent, we send promotional emails from WicWac Inc.to keep our clients informed of our developments and new products and services. Each email features the option to unsubscribe from receiving these emails at any time. 

2. Where and how long we keep personal information

We generally hold personal information on secure servers located in Canada. Exceptionally, personal information may be held in the U.S, under the protection of the EU-US Privacy Shield. Where personal information is held in the US, it may come under the application of US law. 

We only keep personal information as long as the client account with us is active, unless we are required by law, for example, tax law, to keep it for longer. 

3. How we keep personal information secure 

The security of personal information is important to us.  Although we cannot guarantee 100% security, we use reasonable and appropriate security measures to protect personal information against unauthorized use, loss, access, modification, destruction or disclosure while it is in our custody or under our control. These measures include physical, organizational and technological measures. Physical measures include secure work areas, and technological measures include encryption, firewalls, anti-virus and system security monitoring.  Organizational measures include access controls to limit access to personal information to those employees, contractors and agents who have a business need to know.

4. We do not disclose personal information

We do not disclose any information in our custody to third parties unless it is with consent or required by law.

5. How we give access to personal information

Clients may request access to, or ask to edit or remove their personal information that we collect and maintain by contacting us at contact@wicwac.com. We will respond within 30 days. If we cannot provide access, for example because it would disclose personal information of a third person, we will provide justification. 

6. Questions and contact information

For individual requests to access personal information or to express concerns about protection of personal information at WicWac Inc., please contact contact@wicwac.com.

Complaint mechanisms also exists with national privacy authorities.